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  办学理念 School Management Principle:

  为学生的终身发展奠基 Lay a foundation for students’ lifelong development.


  办学目标 School Management Goal:

  国内一流 世界知名 Become nationally first-rate and internationally known.


  育人目标 The Goal of Educating Students:

  崇尚科学 Advocate science,

  追求真理 Pursue truth,

  文理兼通 Excel in Art and Science,

  英语见长 Emphasize English.


  校训 The School’s Motto:

  公 Fairness

  勤 Diligence

  诚 Honesty

  朴 Sincerity





The 3rd Floor, Southern New Teaching Building, Yali High School, No. 428, Laodong Western Road, Changsha, Hunan 410007